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The Origin of the BIG5 Injector

The frustration of using a locally available syringe to find that the marinade you would like to inject into a chicken
or roast does simply not go through the needle.
The Big5 Injector was developed by Deon de Wet to overcome that frustration. The products have evolved into
many different syringes and needles over the past year, just to keep up and provide the best solution on the market
Many butcheries and caterers use this product today for their marinade injection needs.

Lifetime Guarantee

  • This product is covered with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Simply send us the broken component and we will repair it free of charge.
  • It will be replaced with a new one if it can't be repaired.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The wooden packaging and O-rings are not covered under this guarantee.

Marinade Injector Secrets

Ever marinated a lamb, pork, chicken or turkey, only to find the lack of flavor disappointing? It can be extremely annoying

to find what you have carefully prepared is dry or tastes only slightly better! Well – the most powerful flavor tool you’ll EVER

use is the BIG5 Marinade Injector. This tool alone will RADICALLY ALTER YOUR BARBECUING RESULTS! Imagine smokey

brandy and butter flavors throughout your top-side roast! Or red wine, rosemary, and garlic pumped to the heart of your

of lamb, apple juice, fiery chilli, and mustard injected deep into pork shoulder roast! The possibilities and variations are

like as the carrier of  your flavor! As a bonus - if you decide you would like to make your  own hams at home - the injectors

can be used to pump curing solution into the meat! They are a must-have item for any serious cook or BBQ-er!

limited only by your imagination! Use stock, or fruit juices such as apple or orange etc, water, beer or any other liquid you

Your barbecued meat will never taste the same again!

The two lightweight injectors are a fully aluminium syringe with a capacity of 50 ml and 160 ml respectively with 6 and 8 mm stainless steel needles. 

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